Co-Founders of Emmanne Ministries, Samuel Mwangi and Matthew Bachali

Co-Founders of Emmanne Ministries, Samuel Mwangi and Matthew Bachali

Our 5-Tier Approach

When you give to Emmanne Ministries, you are part of the future of Theri, Kenya.  Every dollar you donate will be used to support one of our five initiatives.



Children's Home:

7 out of 10 children in Theri come from broken homes.  Aids, poverty, addiction, shortage of food, and abandonment have left countless children living with neighbors or on their own.  The Children’s Home currently has 8 children on Mwangi Ndegwa’s family property in his brother Peter’s, small home.  There are three rooms (1 for boys, 1 for girls and a community room). We have begun working with contractors to build a modern Children’s home on our 5-acre property near the current home, with a mother-figure and father-figure as parents. This home is scheduled to open in June 2018.


 The closest health clinic is 23 km (14 miles) from Theri.  Most people do not have modern transportation so they walk or forgo receiving help.  From the beginning of life to the very end, every aspect of healthcare is needed in this area.  We have a team of American medical professionals working with Kenyan medical professionals to secure long-term funding and partnerships to adequately staff and provide for the community's needs.

Local Schools:

Our hope is to provide the ultimate answers to life through quality Christian education, and to empower children to overcome their own difficult issues created by poverty and neglect.  We have joined with the local schools to create a vision for Christ-centered education that offers quality programs to the students in the area.  Working with current teachers and administration, Emmanne will physically and financially support the primary and secondary schools in an overhaul of the current system to allow tested educational curriculum to flourish. When we impact the schools, we directly influence 400 children and 30 staff.  This is a deep inroad in our community.

Community Outreach & Discipleship:

In April 2017, we welcomed our new community pastor and his wife, Solivan and Eliane Favored, to our team! In the coming years they will begin evangelism and discipleship right in Theri village.  Solivan comes to us with many years of experience and his approach is to reach the children through school and after-school programs, followed by reaching families and supporting indigenous leaders who can disciple and mentor.  These steps will begin the church planting process in our village. 

Training Center:

Emmanne recognizes that one of the first steps to self sufficiency is job training.  We are working with contractors to build a training center that will teach villagers skills needed to produce income and sustain families. Additionally, we will be opening three shops on our property right in Theri that will help villagers gain employment and sell goods to their own community.