The Hai Project

Hai in Swahili means “ALIVE”

We are connected to Sharing Life & Bringing Hope to the people of Theri, Kenya. It’s on our logo, it’s our tagline, and it’s really what we believe we need to be and do.

The Hai Project was created to bring every tangible need in Theri, Kenya to caring people in America and around the world.

  • helping our village becomes very real and very clear when you begin to engage

  • supporting an individual life becomes very personal when you engage

Every LIFE matters, your donations to The Hai Project have direct impact on people’s lives in Theri, Kenya

The Hai Project is

  • a living, breathing, changing resource list of opportunities, people and things to invest in at any given moment in time

  • a way to connect with our ministries in Kenya – tangible, large and small, diverse, connecting heart to heart

  • bringing life giving support, both spiritually and physically – no life is too small to go unnoticed

  • connecting, life to life care. People helping people to get a fresh start and a chance at a hopeful future

The Hai Project will include donating to

  • an orphan, a widow, a family, a staff member, a child in need, a youth in need

  • finance a home business

  • start a farm

  • purchase farm animals

  • clothe a child in need

  • scholarship students through grade school and secondary school

  • sponsor a college student

  • sponsor a child in our orphanage

  • purchase a ministry vehicle

  • brick & mortar to fulfill our work in Theri

Giving to The Hai Project

  • directly connects your donation to the actual need you selected to help

  • places the tangible, real, life-giving opportunity in front of you and your family

  • connects you to our ministry

Consider donating today…