The Hai Project

Hai in Swahili means “ALIVE”

The Hai Project is

  • a LIVING, breathing, changing resource list of opportunities, people and things to invest in at any given moment in time

  • a way of connecting with REAL LIVES in Kenya – tangible, large and small, diverse, connecting heart to heart

  • bringing LIFE GIVING support, both spiritually and physically – no life is too small to go unnoticed

  • connecting, LIFE TO LIFE care - people helping people to get a fresh start and a chance at a hopeful future

The Hai Project will include donating to

  • boost an orphan, a widow, a family, a staff member, a child in need, a youth in need

  • finance a home business

  • start a farm

  • purchase farm animals

  • clothe a child in need

  • scholarship students through grade school and secondary school

  • sponsor a child in our orphanage

  • fund brick & mortar projects to fulfill our work in Theri

Giving to The Hai Project

  • directly connects your donation to the actual need you selected to help

  • places the tangible, real, life-giving opportunity in front of you and your family

  • connects you to our ministry

Make a difference TODAY!