The Founders

Emmanne ministries was started by two men in Denver, Colorado, named Matthew Bachali and Mwangi Ndegwa. Mwangi grew up in Theri, where he left to attend University, and shortly after moved to America. After meeting Matthew, the two men caught the vision to go back into Theri, to raise up leaders within the community, and ultimately beat the cycle of poverty in the area.

Theri Village

Theri is a village of 30,000 people about 75 miles northeast of Nairobi, Kenya. The land is fertile and rich, resulting in lush vegetation such as banana trees, coffee, tea leaves, avocados, mangos, macadamia nuts, and many other vegetables. 

The village is stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty, with a high number of public school drop-outs and 40-50% of adults unemployed. Many women in the community pick tea leaves, earning only about $1.25 worth of profit per day.

The Vision

Emmanne was created to bring hope to people in our community.  We feel so blessed and loved by God, and we want to give that blessing to others.  We share this messge of love in words and deeds.  The resulting evidence of God's hand on Theri will be in things such as better schools, a community health clinic, a children's home, job creation and a partnership with local farming and industry. 

We are comprised of two non-profits. Solid Rock Foundation, our non-profit in Kenya, is run by our Kenyan board members. Emmanne Ministries is the American non-profit counterpart, run by our American board members. All financial and visionary decisions are approved by our boards.

Our Mission

GIVING hope back to the people of Theri by meeting their physical needs and SHARING the good news of Jesus Christ.