Economic Development

When a community is suffering under devasting poverty, hopelessness sets in and robs people of their dignity. Emmanne Ministries endeavors to find ways to assist individuals and families in creative, sustainable solutions to provide for their home. We want to elevate the name of Jesus in our community, and we want to help in tangible, simple ways. Our approach is to engage Theri holistically and evangelically:

  • we have opportunities to alleviate poverty, one person and one home at a time

  • poverty alleviation leads to high trust and openness to hear from us about Jesus

  • all business models will have evangelistic and discipleship components built in from day-one

Coffee – 5,000 farmers are in the local cooperative. Their collective work amounts to 100,000’s of pounds of Kenya AA & AB coffee for sale throughout the world. Today, they receive, on average, 5 cents less per pound than they spend to harvest and process this coffee. This is not right, and we want to see it change.

Vegetables – most farms are too small to create commercial markets for the sale of produce, so a communal effort to find transportation, distribution and sales of the community’s vegetables will impact thousands of lives. We want to help create the systems that will sustain these small family-run farms.

Skills training – hard work and desire are not the issue in Theri, Kenya. Opportunity to succeed is what every person wants, but few can experience success due to the oppressive nature of the cycle of poverty. Simple skills training as early as middle school can make all the difference. We want to help.