Our hope is to provide the ultimate answers to life through quality Christian education, and to empower children to overcome their own difficult issues created by poverty and neglect. We have joined with the local schools to create a vision for Christ-centered education that offers quality programs to the students in the area. Working with current teachers and administration, Emmanne will physically and financially support the primary and secondary schools in an overhaul of the current system to allow tested educational curriculum to flourish. When we impact the schools, we directly influence 400 children and 30 staff. This is a deep inroad in our community.

Problem: when kids are hungry, they cannot focus on their education

Solution: we have helped the primary school to start their own farm and lunch program. Every child will receive a healthy lunch, every school day of the year.

Problem: when $7.80 is too much for a family to afford for the next term’s fees, the child is pulled from school until the family can afford to send them again

Solution: we now provide 50 full-ride scholarships per semester to the top two students per grade (4th-8th) and the 8 most improved students per grade. It has created healthy competition and a sense of pride in their work while achieving something that tangibly impacts their home

Problem: when teachers cannot effectively teach, the students suffer

Solution: we are equipping each classroom with basic educational tools such as desks, books, pencils, sharpeners and chalk boards