The closest health clinic is 23 km (14 miles) from Theri. Most people do not have modern transportation, so they walk or forgo receiving help. From the beginning of life to the very end, every aspect of healthcare is needed in this area. We have a team of American medical professionals working with Kenyan medical professionals to secure long-term funding and partnerships to adequately staff and provide for the community's needs. In 2018 we began our work by offering two BIG events:

  • February 2018 – 800 people came to our medical, dental and vision camp that was held at the primary school over three consecutive days

  • July 2018 – 500 people came to our dental and vision camp in a single day

Exhausted and overjoyed… that was what we felt at the end of each of these camps.

Our long-term goal is to open a medical clinic on the Emmanne Property, providing affordable healthcare in partnership with the Kenyan regional medical system.